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History of "Darum"


Toyota Motor Corporation is known not only for technological leadership and the largest volume of automobile production in the world, but also for its traditions and values. The success of our company is largely based on the uniqueness of Japanese culture.

That is why one of Toyota's main corporate values ​​is special respect for customers. We always try to provide greater opportunities and benefits to each of them. After all, every owner of a Toyota car - both individual and corporate - is not just a buyer for us, but a real Partner.

And so it will always be.

DARUMA is a Japanese traditional doll that represents the Bodhigarma and is a talisman that brings happiness. Bodhidharma is the patriarch of Buddhism and the founder of the Zen Buddhist school.

Every year, Daruma is traditionally used for the New Year's wish-making ceremony. The owner of the Daruma, having made a wish, draws an eye and places the Daruma in a prominent place in his use or office. After a year, if the wish came true, Darumi gets a second eye and she remains in the house in a place of honor. If the wish is not fulfilled, Daruma is burned as a sign that the owner does not give up his goal, but will continue to look for other ways to achieve it.

May I introduce myself, I am your Daruma.

In Japan I have been strengthening perseverance and will for hundreds of years.

For this purpose I grant you a wish. Colour in one of my eyes and think of this wish.

Then place me in a place that is easily visible to you so that I can remind you of your wish every day.

After this has come true, I also colour in the second eye.

I'm a stand-up man and I want to encourage you to get up again in every situation.

Thank you.